PK-3 Electrode Polishing kit

Polishing kit to maintain a good condition of working electrode for CV/Flow cell.

Catalogue No. Description
011975 PK-3 Electrode Polishing kit
012620 0.05 Ám polishing alumina (20 ml)
012621 1 Ám polishing diamond (10 ml)
- Alumina polishing pad (10 pcs)
- Diamond polishing pad (10 pcs)
002249 Replacement glass plate for PK-3 (1 pc)
Polishing pad for acquisition separately
012600 Alumina polishing pad (20 pcs)
012601 Diamond polishing pad (20 pcs)

Contents of PK-3 can be provided separately. In that case, each polishing pad (012600 Alumina polishing pad/012601 Diamond polishing pad) includes 20 pieces of them per the sales unit.

How to polish the Working electrodes' surface with PK-3

  1. Prepare the glass plate, and put a few drops of polishing diamond on diamond polishing pad.
  2. Hold the CV electrode at right angle to the pad, and polish in a circular motion.
  3. Replace the diamond pad to an alumina polishing pad, put a few drops of polishing alumina, and polish the electrode to be mirror surface. Rinse the electrode surface with distilled water, and finish by air drying.